Cloud Calling Simplified with the New Webex Calling Adoption Guidebook

The cloud has transformed how we work, and phone calls are no exception.

Seamlessly integrating cloud-based solutions is pivotal for business success in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Many businesses seek hands-on support to fully adopt the technology. At Webex, we understand the importance of providing users with the necessary support, enabling them with the proper tools, and ensuring an impactful implementation of our cloud-based calling solution.

McKinsey reports that 70% of digital transformations fail due to inadequate user adoption, and Harvard Business Review echoes the importance of handholding users through the transition.

Webex Calling solutions offer unparalleled security, flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. To support you on your Webex Calling journey, we created a dynamic workbook that leverages our guided adoption Framework Plan. Launch. Grow. It blends the latest technological advancements in the space, in-depth resources, and expert guidance to ease the complexities of adoption and effectively streamline companies of any size with their transformative journey.

Think of our Webex Calling Adoption guidebook as your personal coach, leading you to cloud-calling victory.

5 Ways Our Digital Calling Guidebook Can Help You

  1. Dynamic and user-friendly capabilities: It is designed to adapt to your specific needs, organization size, and industry. No more wading through irrelevant information – you will have access to a laser-focused roadmap.
  2. Guided framework: We show you how to navigate the many layers of adoption with our step-by-step approach, infused with best practices and expert advice, to empower you to execute flawlessly.
  3. A rich repository of multimedia content: Engaging and comprehensive educational content consolidated in one place to expedite adoption and maximize outcomes.
  4. Data-driven: Our team analyzed mountains of data and gleaned invaluable insights from cloud-calling customers to deliver battle-tested strategies for successful implementations.
  5. Actionable tools and templates: Everything you need – from pre-built communication plans to customizable user adoption resources to help you plug, play, and conquer.

Aaron Wilson, Global Technical Lead from Zoetis, a leading animal health company, said: “Cisco leads the pack with their well thought out deployment and adoption resources. This new Webex Calling guidebook will be an excellent resource for all customers, small or large. It is another example of the forward-thinking and continuous improvement mindset of the hardworking teams at Cisco.” Wilson further explained that the guidebook assists in driving rapid adoption, optimizing processes, and enhancing operational efficiency.

A Glimpse at the Webex Calling Adoption Guidebook

  • Phase 1- Building the Foundation: We help you create a compelling vision, secure buy-in from stakeholders, and identify potential roadblocks before they arise.
  • Phase 2- Crafting the Perfect User Journey: We guide you in mapping out a seamless transition from pre-launch anticipation to post-adoption, assuring every user feels valued and empowered.
  • Phase 3- Orchestrating a Seamless Deployment and Rollout: We provide a detailed plan for installing and rolling out Webex Calling, ensuring a smooth transition that minimizes disruptions and maximizes user adoption. Our templates include strategies for phased rollouts, user training, self-assessment tools, exercises, feedback loops, and peer support channels to ensure a successful implementation.
  • Phase 4- Measuring Success and Adapting: It’s not a set-it-and-forget-it game. We equip you with the tools to track progress, report to key stakeholders, and continuously refine your strategy for lasting results.
  • Phase 5- Expanding Your Webex Ecosystem: We help you identify and integrate complementary solutions that seamlessly align with your cloud calling infrastructure, maximizing your cloud ecosystem’s overall value and efficiency.

At Webex, adopting our technology is not just about using a new tool; it’s about unlocking a new way of working. With Webex Calling, your team can collaborate from anywhere, connect with customers seamlessly, and scale effortlessly. This prescriptive guidebook serves as an entry point to unlock the full potential of your Webex investment.

Our commitment is to empower organizations with cutting-edge solutions. Download your free copy of our 3-part Webex Calling Adoption guidebook today and embark on a guided transformative journey to cloud calling. 

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