Webex and Meraki | Advanced troubleshooting for a better meetings experience

In the era of widespread cloud communication adoption, IT admins face the challenge of ensuring seamless connectivity. Identifying issues like poor connections, signal interference, or hardware failures swiftly is crucial for maintaining optimal performance. Without full visibility into networks, IT administrators risk prolonged downtime and inefficiencies, hindering their ability to promptly address communication disruptions. Webex and Meraki

I am pleased to announce the general availability of Meraki in Control Hub. This new integration enhances IT visibility by providing network performance insights and information on the health and stability of Meraki networks. Having this single view of Meraki and Webex communication also benefits Webex Meetings performance and management through a single pane of glass.

Prevent network downtime and access powerful monitoring tools with Control Hub

Webex And Meraki | Control Hub Network Monitoring With Device Metrics And Other Network Metrics

Identify potential for network issues before they happen with Webex’s comprehensive management, troubleshooting and analytics features in Control Hub. Administrators can see the health of their networks and diagnose issues very quickly. Being able to pinpoint problems to a specific network or link within a network gives greater visibility to solve the issues. Additionally, administrators can monitor communication quality over time including factors such as signal-to-noise ratio, latency, and channel utilization. The view also provides the number of users, usage, and data rate over specific time periods.

Manage, control, and analyze your collaboration suite from anywhere.

The Webex platform supports the new hybrid workspace with flexible, seamless, and intuitive experiences for remote offices or an entire campus.

With Meraki network performance visibility available in Control Hub, IT administrators have instant access to take rapid action and troubleshoot in real-time. These networking insights are now available in Control Hub for Meraki networks.

Revolutionizing IT troubleshooting with Webex and Meraki

Having all this information in hand prepares IT administrators for accurate and timely troubleshooting when communicating over a Meraki network. To further enhance troubleshooting, more capabilities will frequently be added to Control Hub, improving the ability to solve network issues quickly. With Webex and Meraki, IT troubleshooting is quicker and more comprehensive than ever before, allowing you to proactively solve issues before they become critical.

Control Hub offers so much more for IT Administrators to analyze and troubleshoot. For more information, visit the Control Hub homepage.

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