Refine your Workflow with Powerful Webex Partner Integrations

Last week, Orlando was teeming with Webex partners, customers, and IT pros from across different industries at Enterprise Connect 2024. Each event unveils new advancements in communications and collaboration, solidifies customer and peer connections on the show floors, and inspires the crowd with visionary keynotes from experts like Javed Khan, Senior VP and GM of Cisco Collaboration.

“Cisco has been coming here for a long time, and we’ve seen it all,” Javed told the crowd on Tuesday. “Just think about how much collaboration has changed in the last couple of decades.” From IP telephony to mobile apps to cloud computing, the pace of innovation has increased massively.

Now we’re in the middle of another tech advancement – artificial intelligence – and it is shaping up to be the ultimate game changer. “I don’t think we’ve fully grasped how it’s going to change collaboration,” Javed said. But ultimately, it’s not about the latest technology, he said. “It’s about the experience that the technology delivers.”

Javed Khan Doing Keynote Speech At Enterprise Connect 2024

Experience Matters

Experiences, connections, interactions – these have always been at the heart of collaboration, Javed said. “Real-time discussions, sharing of ideas, brainstorming – that’s when teams make progress and where real work gets done.” When it comes to AI, it’s all about making these human interactions better.

Like any technology, AI should be in the service of the human component of work. “It should work quietly and transparently in the background, making things easier, better, faster,” Javed observed. “Our entire collaboration portfolio is designed with that goal in mind.”

AI is embedded everywhere across Webex. Our AI assistant powers experiences across the entire Webex Suite, from meetings and messaging to polling and even Control Hub, enabling the office to become a magnet to employees by removing distance and friction. AI is also at the heart of the next-generation Webex Contact Center, which serves 3 million agents and 36,000 contact centers across industries.

Today, AI and Webex – together with our global Webex Partner ecosystem – is delivering unrivaled experiences for both customers and employees.

Powerful Webex Integrations to Reimagine your Workday

Customers and partners who presented at the Webex booth were able to discover the power of Webex partner apps and integrations to make their workdays more productive, seamless, and fun.

Here’s how a typical customer can amplify the typical workday using an assortment of proven Webex partner solutions – all available on the Webex App Hub.

  • Get the day started on the right track with the perfect presentation delivered seamlessly with the help of PitchHub, a powerful teleprompter tool available in Webex Meetings as an embedded application.
  • When kickstarting innovation, use Mural for Webex meeting. This secure, flexible, visual work platform helps everybody stay engaged while ideas flow rapidly wherever your team is located.
  • When an organization is having trouble executing, Axiamatic can help you proactively uncover hidden issues that often derail initiatives. Integrated with Webex, Axiamatic uses automated “pulses” and GenAI-driven insights to help pinpoint root causes and offer actionable recommendations to resolve them.
  • Make the day run more smoothly by leveraging Webex Calling for Chrome, a proven platform that lets you exchange ideas and connect with colleagues more easily than ever.
  • Do your sales teams need some help to close more deals? Consider Seismic for Webex, an AI-driven insights and analysis platform that ensures sales teams can more effectively prepare, present, and follow up on every meeting.
  • Don’t let sales professionals lose focus. Webex App for Salesforce can help them schedule and coordinate meetings and webinars with less friction from within any Salesforce record.
  • Turn to CallCabinet with its cloud-native, compliant recording capability and AI-enabled analytics to deliver business intelligence across all Cisco platforms.

Partner Application Additions to Webex App Hub

Webex App Hub Headline | Find Apps That Amplify Your Work

Since Cisco Live Amsterdam, partners have continued to contribute new integrations and application experiences to Webex App Hub. These include:

  • autoMATE by CommerceAI generative AI framework designed for Webex Contact Center to help boost productivity and reduce operational costs.
  • Axiamatic helps organizations proactively uncover hidden issues that often derail initiatives, pinpoint their root causes, and offer actionable recommendations to resolve them.
  • Clari Copilot integrates with Webex APIs to access your sales calls and automatically transcribes, annotates, and analyses every Webex call.
  • Collaboard secure online whiteboard for visual collaboration, brainstorming, mind mapping, and project planning.
  • Consilium UniQM monitoring and recording solution for WxCC allows continuous monitoring of agent performance, analyzes the depth and quality of client interactions, and promotes improvement.
  • ContextGenie effortlessly produces articles, reports, emails, and presentations in minutes.
  • presentation sharing transforms presentations into an AI sales and marketing assistant.
  • Flexopus – The Desk Sharing Solution software that integrates seamlessly into your company and organizes the daily work of hybrid teams according to your ideas.
  • GLXStudio a platform for producing video content. In one place, plan your video, import assets, edit your project, and review drafts with your peers.
  • Imagicle Call Analytics extend the Control Hub built-in reporting tool with 50+ reports analyzing telephone traffic, costs, and customer service performances.
  • IP2Location IP Geolocation retrieve details such as country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, ASN, and proxy information for an IPv4 or IPv6 address directly from a chatbot.
  • myPatientSpace multi-condition self-management app empowering patients to take control of their health and outcomes.
  • – AI Sales Copilot helps you close deals faster by joining sales calls, recording, summarizing via GPT, providing real-time guidance and research, aiding follow-ups, and syncing information to CRM.
  • seamlessly captures Webex meetings for deep insights and enhanced productivity.
  • Shadow Agent for Webex Calling real time leaderboards, KPIs, queue and user presence for Webex Calling.
  • Verint EDM for Webex Contact Center captures interaction data across your voice and digital channels, with import/export, governance and compliance capabilities.
  • WS Form allows you to push messages to Webex from WordPress forms.

Learn more about these partners and many others on Webex App Hub or build your own application with Webex SDKs and APIs.

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