Forrester Total Economic Impact Study: Webex Contact Center delivered 304% ROI and payback in less than 6-months

In today’s fast-paced business world, delivering exceptional customer service is vital for staying ahead of the competition. That’s where Webex Contact Center comes in. Our AI-powered cloud-based solution offers a wide range of benefits that can truly transform your contact center operations. Let’s dive into the fascinating findings from our recent Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study (TEI) commissioned by Cisco, which highlights how businesses can achieve a 304% ROI and better customer experience through the incredible potential of Webex Contact Center.

1. Streamlined Contact Center Management

Managing multiple contact center systems can be a real headache. But with Webex Contact Center, you can consolidate everything under one vendor and move to the cloud, reducing the need for extensive IT support. The study revealed that businesses were able to reallocate 10 IT support FTEs, resulting in a three-year savings of $1.7 million. Say goodbye to the complexities of legacy systems and hello to streamlined operations.

2. Intelligent, User-Friendly Self-Service for Enhanced Call Deflection Rates

Nobody likes waiting on hold or navigating complex phone menus. Webex Contact Center takes your customer experience to a whole new level by improving deflection rates. Through advanced IVR, email, and chatbot capabilities, the composite organization experienced a significant jump from 8% to 20% in call deflection. This frees up your agents to handle more complex inquiries, resulting in a three-year labor savings of nearly $3.6 million.

3. Bid Farewell to Legacy License Costs

Maintaining outdated legacy solutions can drain your resources. Thankfully, Webex Contact Center provides centralized and expanded capabilities, allowing you to retire those burdensome legacy licenses. The study found that businesses avoided 100% of legacy license costs after three years, saving a risk-adjusted, three-year PV of almost $3.5 million. It’s time to unlock savings and invest in the future.

4. Reduced Customer Care and Quality Management Costs

Tracking customer interactions and ensuring quality management can be time-consuming and expensive. Webex Contact Center simplifies these processes, providing better data tracking, follow-up options, and easy access to call recordings. As a result, businesses were able to reallocate a significant portion of their customer care and quality management staff, leading to a three-year savings of $2.8 million. Say hello to streamlined operations and cost savings.

5. Embrace Stability and Minimize Downtime

Webex Contact Center not only offers improved features but also enhances system stability, reducing customer support system downtime by up to 50% in Year 2 onward. With a cloud-based infrastructure and support for remote work, your business can avoid unnecessary disruptions and ensure continuous service. This translates to a risk-adjusted savings of $3.6 million for the composite organization over three years.

A 304% ROI and better customer experience? It’s True.

Read Forrester Consulting’s findings to learn how Webex Contact Center can significantly enhance your organization.

But that’s not all. The benefits of Webex Contact Center go beyond the numbers. Your employees will enjoy an improved experience with intuitive tools, real-time customer context, and intelligent routing, making their work more efficient and enjoyable. On the customer side, they’ll appreciate omnichannel communication options, faster response times, and speedy problem resolution.

In conclusion, the Forrester TEI study revealed the significant value that Webex Contact Center brought to the composite organization with an ROI of 304%. By leveraging Webex Contact Center, you can streamline your operations, elevate customer experiences, reduce costs, and unlock extraordinary business growth. It’s time to unleash the power of Webex Contact Center and take your business to new heights.

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