The perfect collaboration hardware setup for small business owners

With more and more businesses changing to a hybrid workforce, it may feel hard to keep up. Hybrid work models have fundamentally changed the way we work and collaborate. With the right software and hardware, they enable us to create seamless collaboration and improve productivity. They also challenge us by forcing us to rethink our work environment.

In order to keep up with the needs of the quickly changing work environment and enable the best productivity and cross-functional work, a reliable collaboration setup is essential. As a leading company in the collaboration field, Webex.Shop offers a broad selection of hybrid work solutions for different business models.

But how do small business owners choose the right hardware for their business? And more importantly, with several pricing models available, how much should they spend? We’re here to answer those questions.

What factors matter for Small Business Owners?

Flexibility and productivity

With teams no longer being bound to work from a single office, smart, seamless communication and collaboration tools and devices are a top priority. Successful hybrid work requires collaboration that empowers employees, whether they’re working in the office, from home, or on the go.

High-security standards

When choosing the right hardware for your hybrid workplace, making sure your data is protected is crucial. So you can focus on what’s important: getting work done. As a leading company in the security field, Cisco delivers enterprise-grade security, advanced privacy features, data loss prevention, end-to-end encryption, and built-in industry and regional compliance for collaboration solutions and devices.

High-quality collaboration and communication

In a professional environment, the quality of communication and collaboration solutions can make a huge difference. Whether you are on a call with a client or having a meeting with colleagues – high-quality audio and video are the basis for the success of meetings and calls. Cisco devices provide advanced audio and high-resolution video, along with in-house encryption for a secure experience. The support team is continually available to troubleshoot any potential issues with you in real-time.

A cost model that meets your budget

For Small Business Owners, an attractive cost model plays a huge role in choosing the right hardware for your company. While it may feel like high-quality devices and an attractive price are mutually exclusive, that doesn’t have to be. By choosing between a one-time purchase vs. hardware as a service – an offer where devices can be rented at a small monthly cost – small businesses can benefit from the quality and service of one of the top leading companies in the tech industry at a price model that matches their budget. Predictable payments in our Webex.Shop makes this possible.

Choosing the right hardware that meets your needs

Business telephony that is easy and efficient

Taking and making calls is part of almost every employee’s day-to-day life. Especially for small businesses, efficient and professional communication – whether it’s with a client or a colleague – makes the difference. The modern Cisco phones are equipped with line and function keys for easy operation, ensuring a smooth workflow, easy calling, and more time for day-to-day tasks. Customers are quickly directed to the right contact person, while wideband audio provides a clear sound. Making it the perfect business calling device for small businesses.

Cisco IP Phone 8841

Webex.Shop offers desk phones such as the modern Cisco 8841 for easy high-quality communication with clients and colleagues. Users can choose between taking or making calls with the telephone handset or one of our Cisco headsets, which gives them the flexibility to make notes or type on the computer during calls.

Cisco 8832 Conference Phone

While the Cisco 8841 is an excellent solution for single desks, the Cisco 8832 conference phone offers crystal-clear, business-grade audio conferencing for conference calls in rooms up to 20×34-foot and 22 participants. For smaller conference rooms of up to 172 square feet (16 square meters), the Cisco 7832 is the best solution.

Headsets for crystal-clear communication

Small Business Owners don’t always have access to private offices or call booths for video calls and telephony. To enable clear communication – even when your colleagues are around – headsets are a must-have! Advanced noise-canceling blocks unwanted noise and modern AI Clear Voice Technology allows crystal-clear audio.

Cisco 730 Wireless Headset

The Cisco 730 is easily connected via Bluetooth or USB-A and allows excellent audio quality with a range of up to 65 m (213 ft). The modern design and up to 20 hours of talking time provide the best comfort and reliability throughout the day, making it an excellent choice for any workplace.

Man Petting His Dog At Home On Webex Call With Coworker

Collaboration hardware for individual users that accelerates hybrid work

Cisco Desk and Cisco Desk Mini

Premium collaboration devices such as the Cisco Desk or the Cisco Desk Mini are made for workers who spend a huge amount of their day in meetings and want to elevate their meeting quality and productivity. In small businesses, this is especially the case for managers or anyone offering online services that require video calls with customers, business partners, and colleagues.

Made for premium collaboration via Cisco Webex or MS Teams, the Cisco Desk and Cisco Desk Mini offer a full-range speaker and mic array with AI-powered background noise removal that allows crystal-clear audio. An HD camera sets you in the scene perfectly for stress-free online meetings. While the Cisco Desk is made for offices and working from your desk at home, the Cisco Desk Mini is a flexible all-rounder with a handle that lets you experience high-quality collaboration from any space.

Cisco Desk Camera

When looking for a solution that can easily accelerate the audio and video quality of our computer for professional meetings at an attractive price, the Cisco Desk Camera is your best choice. The versatile USB webcam offers up to 4K ultra-HD video and two omnidirectional microphones with background noise reduction for high-quality 48kHz audio – taking your meetings to the next level.

Webex Desk Series Device With People Focus Utilizing Camera Intelligence

Team collaboration hardware for seamless hybrid meetings

With hybrid work on the rise, meetings require solutions that offer team members at the office an effective way to collaborate with remote workers. Consequently, conference rooms need to be reimagined. Teams need a space to share their work and collaborate with other team members at the office as well as those working remotely.

The Cisco Room Series is made for team collaboration and upgrades your conference room to set up your team for success by enhancing their creativity and productivity.

The Cisco Room Kit Mini is a powerful video collaboration bar that extends huddle space collaboration with a 120º camera, noise suppression, and auto framing (people focus) of participants, making it the perfect solution for small businesses that want to elevate their teamwork. Easily connected to a screen, it allows hybrid meetings in huddle spaces with wired and wireless 4K content sharing and the ideal auto-framing of participants.

Webex Room Kit Mini And Webex Room Navigator - Part Of Webex's Best Video Conferencing Equipment


In conclusion, a reliable collaboration setup is essential for Small Business Owners to keep up with the needs of the quickly changing work environment and enable the best productivity and cross-functional work. Choosing the right hardware for the hybrid workforce depends on the following factors: flexibility and productivity, high-security standards, high-quality collaboration and communication, and a cost model that meets the budget. Taking these factors into consideration, Small Business Owners can choose from various phones, headsets, and premium collaboration devices that meet their needs and enable high-quality communication and collaboration. Webex.Shop offers the perfect solution to master all these challenges. With the right setup, you can ensure efficient and professional communication and collaboration – both with colleagues and clients – allowing your team to thrive in today’s fast-paced work environment.

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