How to maximize WebexOne: A virtual event for executives, professionals, and innovators.

WebexOne, the collaboration event of the year, is returning this October! This complimentary event will feature luminaries from around the world, including #1 NYT Bestselling author Adam Grant, McLaren F1 CEO Zak Brown, star drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris, and more!

As collaboration continues to be at the forefront of organizations’ minds, WebexOne will feature insights and learnings for a range of roles and use cases. Here’s a breakdown of the roles we’re focusing on during the event learning sessions:

  • CIOs, CTOs, CHROs, CMOs, CCOs, and CXOs
  • IT decision makers, executives, and admins
  • Facilities professionals
  • Event professionals
  • Customer success managers
  • Partners
  • Developers

In addition to keynotes and breakouts, this year, we are providing live training courses following the broadcasted sessions. These courses are led by our experienced Webex instructors, offering you an opportunity to deepen your Webex knowledge. Some recommendations are below for you to consider.

To start, let’s explore sessions created specifically for C-Suite executives.

Most in-demand sessions for C-Suite

If you are a C-Suite exec, WebexOne has a ton of actionable content for you. The event will give you strategies to help you lower your budget, create a strategy around groundbreaking hybrid work technology, and bring new possibilities to the partnership table.

If Webex is already in your portfolio, you’ll have the opportunity to see all the enhancements and optimizations to keep your budget and employees happy. If you aren’t using Webex yet, you’ll learn how our hybrid work experience can transform your HQ, your tech stack, and your employee satisfaction, even with your current collaboration solutions. Our recommended sessions for C-Suite include:

Next, let’s spotlight some opportunities for IT decision makers.

Top picks for IT decision makers and execs

WebexOne will feature a lot of announcements that should be on the radar of an IT decision maker (ITDM). You want solutions that are easy to implement and manage, as well as secure and cost effective. Additionally, you want valuable insights that allow you to adapt and make changes that best suit your business. WebexOne will highlight how you can get the most out of the Webex Suite for ultimate business agility. We also know that you could have Microsoft or Zoom in your tech stack— our sessions will dive deep into Webex interoperability and show you how our devices work seamlessly with any platform.

Now, we’ll cover some of our recommended sessions for facilities professionals.

Best sessions for facilities pros

As the return to work phase has already commenced, many are noticing where technology is lagging in their facility. Rising energy costs and dependencies are forcing companies to take measures to improve their bottom line. So, finding that balance between innovating your space and saving money over time is what’s important. Luckily, Cisco and Webex technology offer sustainable, secure solutions to unify and uplift the office. Integrations from ThousandEyes and Meraki Insight with Webex Control Hub allow any facilities and IT team to work faster and smarter, so make sure to mark your calendar for these WebexOne sessions tailored for you:

With facilities covered, let’s shift gears to the sessions IT Admins will find valuable.

Spotlight on learnings for IT Admins

IT Admins have more pieces to manage than ever, with Collaboration being the #1 most monitored application. The risk posed from downtimes and disruptions can impact business in every capacity, so having a secure platform capable of diagnosing problems before users encounter them is crucial. Control Hub offers Admins real time audio, video, and network-quality information, along with Meraki Insight, which helps you find root causes of issues with ease. Additionally, Control Hub is making provisioning and configuring licenses more streamlined and efficient so you can focus on more important tasks. WebexOne will cover numerous ways to facelift a Collaboration portfolio with safeguards to keep employees safe and online. Take a look at a few sessions and trainings that will cover these topics:


  • Support meetings on any platform with Webex interop
  • Interop spotlight: Achieve the full advantage of Webex and Microsoft Teams
  • Configure Webex Calling in a Flash
  • Unlock the power of Webex Calling analytics in Control Hub
  • Manage Webex Calling at the pace of business change

WebexOne has something for everyone, so let’s now pivot to sessions built for developers.

Curated sessions for developers

The network of developers that add value to the Webex platform shape so much of our collaboration experience. Building in Webex continues to get easier and more inclusive, and we want you to be up to date about all the possibilities with our open platform. Add these sessions and trainings to your calendar to get the most out of your Webex experience:


  • Web Apps: How to build them and why
  • Webex Integrations Workshop – Embedded Apps

Next, we’ll go over the most essential sessions for event professionals.

Recommendations for event professionals

As hybrid work has solidified itself in business models, virtual events offer a way to keep traveling costs and environmental impacts down. So, ensuring that virtual events run smoothly from the first scoping call to the final post-event survey is vital for a smooth attendee experience and actionable insights for the event lead. With Webex Events and Webex Webinars, any event can be managed and tailored for your experience. Learn more at WebexOne about how to improve your event strategy with these sessions and trainings:


  • Build a successful event with Webex Events
  • Create high-quality streams with Webex Events streaming
  • Explore the powerful capabilities of Webex Events registration

Now, let’s take a closer look at important sessions for Customer Success Managers.

What customer success managers should prioritize

For Customer Success Managers, it’s crucial that your experience with a customer is efficient and productive. Knowing exactly where to go in an application will allow you to get from call to call with ease. Through our innovative CPaaS offering, Webex Connect, each interaction will count with carefully orchestrated journeys and integrations. Check out these WebexOne sessions that will hit on what matters to you:

With so many learning experiences, let’s take a moment to highlight what Webex Partners should be sure to see.

We suggest these for Webex Partners

Webex’s Partner ecosystem is crucial to engineering, marketing, and selling our solutions. With that in mind, making sure Partners are properly equipped with the latest Webex updates and launches keeps business running smoothly. So, for those Partners attending WebexOne to see what’s new through Webex’s platform, here are some sessions and trainings that will get you started:

Do you find yourself not fitting in any of these categories? Let’s highlight what WebexOne will offer to the everyday collaboration user.

What the everyday collaboration user can see

While some roles at an organization focus more on collaboration technology, every user’s experience with the platform is critical. With hundreds of features added each quarter, Webex is dedicating sessions for users who want digestible information on all of our updates. These sessions will save you crucial amounts of time!

Whether you’re new to Webex or think you’ve seen it all, we also have training sessions to help you use Webex like a pro.

  • Webex Foundations: A comprehensive introduction to the Webex App
  • 20 things you need to know about Webex

Hopefully, some of these recommendations caught your eye and will find their way onto your WebexOne agenda.

Why WebexOne is a can’t-miss event

WebexOne is full of learning experiences you can’t find anywhere else. For professionals of all stripes, this is an opportunity to network, level up, and hear from the brightest innovators in the industry and beyond. You can explore the entire event agenda here. And be sure to keep up to date with new WebexOne announcements on our LinkedIn page.

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